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Catch-A-Lure - Fly Fishing Rod - Fishing Lure Retrieval - Two Great Products in One

fishing lure retriever Fisherman's helper - Turn your fly fishing rod into a fishing lure retriever


CatchALure - Use with your Rod

Advantages of using Catch-A-Lure
  • Can be used from a shoreline, wading or on a boat.
  • Cuts your line easily at a safe distance, when lure is tangled in tree. Mono, Braided up to 25lbs test.
  • Helps avoid contact with critters that live in trees & bushes.
  • Easily stores in a vest or tackle box.
  • Reduces environmental impact (lures tangled in trees) around rivers, lakes, ponds, mangroves, docks etc.
  • Best of all, helps you get your lure or fly back & saves you money.



CatchALure - Telescopic

Features of using Catch-A Lure telescopic
    fishing lure retriever
  • Has an insert that accepts a stainless steel telescopic tube.
  • Collapsed measures 1’ 3” for easy storing
  • Extends 6’ 9” for maximum reach
  • Stainless Steel - won’t rust
  • Foam handle, floats - Also comes with lariat
  • Telescope can be detached from CatchALure for duel benefit of CatchALure
  • Pay for itself, every time
Great for Guides, Kayaks, Drift Boats or those Fly Fisherman that want an extendable CatchALure but don’t want to use own their fishing rod. CatchALure is saving all fishermen time, lures flies & money for all types of fishing. It protects our environment; keeps our rivers, ponds & lakes clean from micro-trash, order yours today.



'Get it Back!' with Catch-A-Lure.

fishing lure retriever

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